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Our outsourced CFO services help lawyers, marketers, and other professionals increase their profits by $1M without becoming accountants.

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A Few Folks We've Helped:

Lack of Financial Expertise Shouldn't Stop You From Earning What You Deserve 

Discover the 5-pillar process we've used to create $1B+ of value for 100+ businesses by helping their founders make the money they want so they can live the life they want.

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Avoidable Mistakes Are Expensive - They Can Cost You Your Dreams

We see founders making the same strategic mistakes over and over:

  • Lacking a system for financial reporting, goal setting, and forecasting
  • Stunting their growth and profits by focusing on total spending instead of spending allocations
  • Undervaluing their hard work by pricing their services based on gut instinct instead of strategic data
  • Mismanaging their cash based on their current bank balance and best guess instead of a robust forecast and key metrics
  • Never achieving their financial dreams because they try to handle everything related to their business’s financial success alone and don’t ask for expert help when they should

These mistakes may seem like decent decisions at the time, but they can cost you the financial success you're working so hard to achieve.

How We Can Help You:

Firm Growth

For a limited time, we're sharing a free 1-hour training on how you can go from owning a stressful job to owning a money-making machine that gives you back control of your money, time, and impact. (CLE eligible)

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A multipoint inspection of your business's current financial situation, processes, and ability to produce your desired results. You'll get clarity on your business's financial fitness and a prioritized action plan to pump it up.

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Our proprietary 5-pillar process applied to your specific situation and delivered via fractional CFO services. It all starts with a free strategy call to assess where you're at and determine the right next steps to get you to your goals.

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Hey, Fellow Firm Owner,

Are you buried in billable hours, but your bank balance barely budges?

Do you seek freedom over your time and income?

I'm Brian Zapf. I started my own firm, Flight Financial, to gain autonomy over my time and earnings. 

Today, I’m committed to guiding you towards experiencing that same sense of liberation and clarity for your firm.

My clients work 40 hours or less per week and have profits in excess of $1,000,000 per year, without financial unknowns and stress.

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Recent Client Feedback

Mikey Howe
Co-founder & CEO
Cold Email Studio

"I wish I'd known Brian when I started building businesses 15 years ago. His knowledge and advice are helping us scale in ways we hadn't even considered. And I'm finally confident that our finances set us up for success when it comes to an exit. The ROI is incredible."

Mike Manross,

‚ÄúBrian and Flight Financial is my go-to financial expert. They understand the nuances of¬†small business finances and help me confidently plan for the future ‚Äď avoiding issues and making best use of cash flow. I trust their guidance for my business ventures.‚ÄĚ

Nathan Vander Heyden
Co-founder & CEO
Taptimize & ContentMethod

“Keeping up with our financial tasks was taking our time and energy away from improving our product and helping customers. Having Flight Financial handle these tasks frees us up from worrying so we can focus on growing our businesses."

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