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I've created a $1B+ of value 💰 for 100+ businesses by helping their founders make the money they want so they can live the life that they want.

Like you, I'm a founder-owner-operator.

I've spent the past 15+ years learning how to use the tools and tricks of finance, accounting, and strategy in non-obvious ways.

I started on the traditional ladder and checked all the professional boxes:

✅ Economics degree from a top-tier university
✅ MBA in Finance, Accounting, and Strategy from a top-ranked business school
✅ CPA license
✅ Fortune 500 experience
✅ Small business experience
✅ Start-up experience
✅ Multiple promotions
✅ Leadership experience
✅ Helped buy and sell businesses
✅ Helped improve finance and accounting operations and performance
✅ Consulted on forecasting, financial growth, and profitability
✅ Helped businesses thrive in bull markets
✅ Helped businesses survive downturns in both the Great Recession and the Coronovirus Pandemic


At the same time, while working 60-80 hour weeks, I always had a side hustle:

Mobile app development businesses with friends and family...lessons learned
eCommerce businesses that sold stickers and baby/toddler products...more lessons learned!
I even analyzed an made an offer to buy a home inspection business...even more lessons learned!!

In the course of all this, I learned what works and what doesn't.

Despite all this, the traditional ladder and finance and accounting were never my calling.

Heck, I got a D in my first accounting class in undergrad.

I learned from my failure and retook it to get an A when I got my MBA.

As a result, I learned an important lesson about presenting important information in a way that resonates with your audience.

I've kept that lesson in mind as I've built and refined my proprietary process to help you predictably produce your Perfect Pay from your online services business.

If you're a founder-owner-operator of an online services business with at least $1M in annual sales, I can help you implement a simple and straightforward system to make more money from your business so that you can fund the life of your dreams.

Let's talk and explore if I can help you. 🚀

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